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HH Model X HaoYu TOYS Rome Imperial Army Centurion 1/6 Action Figure


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Part list:
  -one(1) 1/6  head sculpt
  -one(1) Movable body
  -six(6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms
  -one(1) Red jacket
  -one(1) Chain armor
  -one(1) Brown pants
  -one(1) Red cloak
  -one(1) Red scarf
  -one(1) Red shawl
  -one(2) Brown wristband
  -one(1) belt
  -one(1) Shoes
  -one(1) helmet(metal)
  -one(1) Chest medal
  -one(1) Long sword(metal)
  -one(1) dagger(metal)
  -one(1) Shield
  -one(1) Rattan stick
  -one(1) Round platform