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MW Toy 1/12 WWII German Panzergrenadier 'Hans'

MW Toy

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Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter 2019 (subject to change without notice)

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Product Parts:

1. Body
2. Head sculpt
3. Gas mask head sculpt
4. M42 helmet
5. Goggles
6. M35 uniform (top, pants)
7. Long boots (pair)
8. Gloved hands
9. Bare hands
10. Gas mask canister
11.Y type weight bearing belt
12. Buckle
13. Luger pistol holster
14. Panzerschreck Anti-Tank Gun with round
15. MP44 assault rifle
17. MP44 assault rifle sight
18. MP44 assault rifle magazine bag (pair)
19. Stick grenade