ANIPLEX Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Sakura Matou -Makiri no Cup- 1/7 scale figure


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A black shadow, wearing a cup of Makiri, appeared.

From the movie version "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]", following "Saber Alter 1/7 scale figure", Sakura Matou -Makiri no Cup- appears as a scale figure.

Based on the pose design of Yamanaka Tora Iron, the cherry blossoms have been transformed into a cup of evil and beautiful makiri.
The characteristic black shadow envelops the cherry blossoms and creates a lively shape as if they were alive.
It is also a must-see for the expression of cherry blossoms that give different impressions depending on the pattern and angle drawn from the feet to the hands.
Scale: 1/7 scale
Specifications: ABS & PVC painted finished product / dedicated pedestal Accessories
:" Includes "bangs with visor" parts for "Saber Alter 1/7 scale figure"
Height: approx. 290mm (including pedestal)