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Armored Trooper VOTOMS ROBO-DOU Rabidly Dog


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Expected Release Date: Q4 2023 (subject to change without notice)

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      • Non-scale articulated figure, approximately 15.9cm (6.2”) tall
      • 76 points of articulation
      • Detailed and weathered paint application
      • The face guard, the cockpit hatch at the chest, and the maintenance hatch at the stomach can be lifted open.
      • Can transform into crouching mode
      • Both forearms can be extended for the “Arm Punch” attack feature
      • The iron-claws on the left arm can transform to take the shooting form
      • The bottom hatch of the backpack can be opened to drop a bomb


      • One (1) non-articulated Pilot Figure: Chirico Cuvie
      • One (1) Handy Solid Shooter
      • One (1) bomb for backpack
      • One (1) shell case ejection effect piece for “Arm Punch”
      • Three (3) interchangeable right hands: One (1) fist, one (1) relax hand, one (1) hand for holding Handy Solid Shooter


* No battery needed
* No magnet included


ABS, PVC, POM, die cast zinc alloy