Art Sprits HYPER SOLID Series Chou Gekizou Series Godzilla (2019)

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There can only be one king of the monsters, and it’s back like never before. 
Up next in the Art Spirits elite Hyper Solid series is the most recent film incarnation of everyone’s favorite kaiju GODZILLA 2019 as it appeared in the 2019 blockbuster Godzilla: King of the Monsters!
An evolution of the 2014 kaiju as seen in the “MonsterVerse” series from Legendary Pictures, the monstrous reptilian creature is captured in a wide stance, legs apart and head held high as it unleashes a powerful roar. 
Godzilla is massive and imposing with great bulk, thick legs, a tremendous tail, claws, and of course its signature dorsal plates that ripple with internal energy. 
The king of the monsters is replicated with expertly sculpted skin texture, and every detail down to its claws and the unique shape of its face, snout, and teeth. 
Godzilla’s rough skin is black, while pink can be seen inside its fleshy maw and radioactive blue emanates from its beady eyes and the plates on its back. 
This high-quality Godzilla PVC statue stands over 7 inches tall. 
A perfect representation of the king of the monsters, this Godzilla will be a centerpiece in your kaiju collection!
185mm 7.28in