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BOMBERGIRL Hobby JAPAN Grim Aloe Succubus Cheer Costume Ver.


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Three-dimensional with the special costume "Succubus cheer-cos" drawn for the figure!

The characteristic twin tails are not only silhouetted, but also the flow of detailed hair tips is reproduced in detail.

The skinny body of Grim Aloe is thoroughly pursued by i-con as the on e of the best sculptor.

From the cute belly with a devilish pattern to the soft thighs and petite shoulders, to the expression with a concentrated girlish provocative cuteness, it is a model that pursues the charm of Grimm Aloe.

The cheerleading costumes that support the master are carefully modeled, not only the pompoms in their hands, but also the wrinkles of each part, and even the bold skirts and shoes.

Please enjoy the cute cheering figure of Grim Aloe with plenty of charm in Succubus Cheer-cos.

Sculptor: i-conaiirosorairo
1/7 scale 21 cm