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Coomodel CM-SE042 Campfire in Battle Field Accessories Pack


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Expected Release Date: 2nd Quarter 2019 (subject to change without notice)

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The 1/6th scale Campfire pack specially features:
- One (1) piece of red and white tent cloth with wood poles
- Six (6) pieces of Takeda Shingen heraldry stickers
- Six (6) pieces of Ii Naomasa heraldry stickers
- Six (6) pieces of Sanada Yukimura heraldry stickers
- One (1) wood campstool
- One (1) piece of tiger-fur cushion
- Two (2) campfire stands
- Two (2) burners
- Two (2) luminous campfire models
- One (1) remoter
- Putting different stickers on the tent cloth can switch sides of generals the pack displays
- The remoter can put on/off the campfire
- No batteries included