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Cutie1 Jujutsu Kaisen Kento Nanami

Prime 1 Studio

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“I hate working overtime, so let’s finish this quickly.” Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the third wave of our Cutie1 figure line-up from the worldwide hit manga and anime series, “Jujutsu Kaisen”! And now, here we are with our new figure, CT1-21070: Kento Nanami!

Cutie1 Toys are the children of Prime 1’s exquisite detail and “Kawaii” Japanese style. These special collectible figures are made of soft vinyl with their design based off what you would see on a plush toy! Kento Nanami may seem like a normal salaryman at first. But underneath the surface, he’s actually a skilled Jujutsu sorcerer! Elegant suite, side parting hairstyle and tiny glasses give to him a quiet and serious aura! Ironically, he’s also impatient, straight and hates working overtime! Quite a peculiar character, isn’t he? Also, notice what’s hanging from his right hand? Nanami also comes with a sword to match the polka dot design on his necktie! The Cutie1 figures features are well displayed through the buttons on his glasses and in the iconic zipper on his mouth! Truly expressive, don’t you think? Although he seems irritated, he’s just adorable in the Cutie1 style!