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FREEing Dynamic Change: New Getter Robo


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A new Dynamic Change series from FREEing! New Getter Robo, Launch!
The New Getter Robo machines are joining FREEing's Dynamic Change series! The set includes the three Getter Machines red Eagle, white Jaguar and yellow Boar and all can transform just as they did in the series allowing you to recreate Getter-1, Getter-2 and Getter-3!
Just like previous figures in the Dynamic Change series, the transformation can be preformed without the need to swap out any parts! Certain points of articulation make use of metal pins allowing for a durable figure that is easy to play with! Be sure to add the palm-size transforming New Getter Robo machines to your collection!
Painted ABS complete product. Not to scale. Approximately 70mm x 73mm in width (Getter Machines)