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G.I. Joe 1/6 Firefly


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l   Officially licensed by Hasbro

l   Approximately 12” tall (~30 cm)

l   ~22 points of articulation

l   Detailed Firefly head-sculpt



l   One (1) Sub-machine Gun

l   One (1) Pistol

l   One (1) Combat Knife

l   Two (2) Detonators

l   Two (2) Bombs: One (1) Timebomb, and one (1) Biochemical Bomb

l   One (1) Backpack with tools

l   Four (4) sets of interchangeable hands: One (1) pair of Fists, one (1) pair of Firearm Hands, one (1) pair of Relaxed hands, one (1) right Melee Hands, and one (1) left Demolitions Hand



l   Tactical Googles

l   Fatigue Jacket

l   Shoulder Pads & Arm Guards

l   Tactical Harness

l   Utility Belt with Holster and Sheath

l   Fatigue Pants

l   Kneepads

l   Tactical boots