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HEXA GEAR Booster Pack006 Forklift Type Dark Blue Ver.


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Expected Release Date: Q1 2023 (subject to change without notice)

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HEXA GEAR BOOSTER PACK006 FORKLIFT TYPE is a forklift that goes well with the Block Base Series and the Governor Engineer Set.
Available in two colors: orange, which ranked first in the popularity vote, and dark blue that matches BULKARM α. It is ideal for creating scenes with HEXA GEAR being assembled or garage displays in combination with various accessories.
A work-use BULKARM can be created by attaching parts from the forklift to a BULKARM α, which is sold separately.

Model Specifications:
■This product is a variation kit that reuses some cockpit parts from HIGHTRAGER. There is no difference between the orange and dark blue versions other than the armor color.
■The forklift can be disassembled into the body, fork unit, and roof unit.
■The fork unit can be extended and retracted in two stages by the mast slide rail mechanism. This allows the items placed on the forks to be moved from a low to a high position.
In addition, the fork unit can be detached from the central connecting parts.
The use of the included fork unit extension attachment allows attachment to 3mm joints, enabling the split fork unit parts to be used as hands for HEXA GEAR and Frame Arms, etc.
■The base connecting the fork unit can be moved up and down, or extended forward.
■A rear-wheel steering system is adopted based on actual forklifts, which moves the left and right rear wheels together.
■A “work-use BULKARM” can be created by combining the forklift with BULKARM α using the included combining unit. To combine them, it is necessary to partially disassemble the cockpit of BULKARM α itself.
■When building a work-use BULKARM, the unused forklift body can be enjoyed as an unmanned tow vehicle.
■The HEXAGRAM storage can be removed from the body frame inside the armor.
■The base of the light on the each side of the windshield is movable, and the mirror parts, which are connected using ball joints, can be angled.
■The front and rear tires are newly designed and PS molded.
■The counterweight tail lamps are color-coded with clear parts.
■The color scheme for this kit is dark blue, gunmetal, clear orange, clear red, clear, black, and silver.

Included Items:
■Forklift Body x1 Set
■Fork Spare x2
■Fork Unit Extension Attachment x2
■BULKARM α Combining Unit x1 Set