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HOBBY JAPAN Fate/Grand Order Foreigner / Abigail Williams


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Three-dimensional with costume of the first coming.

Her beautiful golden hair, which her best friend envy, cute ribbons, cuffs with hidden hands, as well as the drawers that look through her skirt, are faithfully modeled.

In addition, the butterfly on the skirt hem is carefully shaped one by one.

To the right is a teddy bear "Yugo", which is the same as Lavinia, and reproduces Abbey's lovable smile.

By exchanging the expression and the left hand with the included replacement parts, it is possible to hold hands with the optional "Lavinia Wateley".

It is possible to reproduce her with a happy smile holding her hands together with her favorite best friend.

Please drop her down at your hand and feel the cuteness!

H22.5 cm 1/7 scale