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HOBBY JAPAN Fate/Grand Order Rider/Altria Pendragon (Alter)


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The garage kit produced and sold by the master sculptor, GRIZZLYPANDA at the event was released as a complete figure under the supervision of TYPE-MOON!With a Sequence of water guns that reproduces even fine patterns and weapons such as Excalibur Morgan, modeling with a stately pose full of service spirit.

Of course, the coat, the detailed decoration of the dress, the wrinkles, and the glossy texture of the gloves are carefully reproduced.

And with a cool smile like the “ALTER”, it's just "a maid is perfect. There is no single mistake."

Besides, the coat is removable, and you can display it in a dress that shows hidden shoulders and back.

Please welcome the “ALTER” to your side and enjoy the "time of service".

H25 cm 1/7 scale