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Interior Union Y01-TELLUS Full Package Ver.


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    In addition to everything needed to build an Interior Union Y01-TELLUS, this set also includes equipment to build the variant Interior Union Y01-TELLUS GUNMETAL Ver., allowing the model to be assembled and changed into loadouts straight out of the game with just one kit!

    With an elegant and refined form that shows its affinity for energy weapons, this AC is now available as a plastic model kit!
    The use of poly caps allows for a wide range of motion and the multi-colored runners allow users to recreate a finish that is close to Interior Union Y01-TELLUS by just assembling the model.

    This product is compatible with others from the V.I. series (AC, ACW, ACA, and ACH), so users can enjoy freely assembling new units far beyond the pre-conceived models.

    Included Items:
    ■ Main Body

    ■ Railgun: RG01-PITONE
    ■ Laser Rifle: LR02-ALTAIR
    ■ Laser Cannon: HLC02-SIRIUS
    ■ Missile: BM03-MEDUSA
    ■ Missile: SM01-SCYLLA
    ■ Laser Rifle: LR04-AVIOR
    ■ Pulse Gun: PG02-DENEB
    ■ Radar: RD03-PANDORA
    ■ Stabilizer: HILBERT-G7-LBSB
    ■ Laser Rifle: HLR01-CANOPUS