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Kotobukiya M.S.G Convert Body Model Kit


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This basic mecha body is designed to feature a highly universal joint construction.

This model features an industrial inspired design and a variety of different joints that allow you to use it for a wide range of purposes. The model is equipped with the 3mm connection points that are compatible with kits from the Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, and Hexa Gear series, allowing you to create a variety of different models

Product Specifications:

  • The arms, torso, and legs can be changed out or extended from 140mm (mode A) to 185 mm (mode B).
  • The drum joint in the chest is moveable, allowing the body to contract and open. The length of each part can be adjusted, and more parts can be added to extend the length further.
  • The angle of the internal joint within the drum joint can be adjusted, allowing you to expand the model to the left and right to give it wider shoulders when building robot units. Additionally, the claw parts on the end of the drum joint are compatible with M.S.G weapon units.
  • The forearms are equipped with a slide gimmick, and are designed to resemble cannons when the hand parts are removed. The elbow blades are also moveable.
  • The hand parts are the same as the parts from Frame Arm units, and are compatible with a large range of weapons from the M.S.G series.
  • Some parts in the kit are compatible with Hexa Gear’s HEXA G-R.A.M system and the Gigantic Arms series.
  • The leg parts can be broken down and each part has a moveable sliding gimmick. The model also includes feet parts with moveable “toes” and “heels” giving it a wide range of poseability.


The model is made of light and dark gray plastic.