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Now Available in the Third Line of Neon Genesis EVANGELION Products!
EVA-00 PROTOTYPE TV. Ver. Plastic Model Kit

Equipped with the N2 depth charge and the Spear of Longinus, this model is perfect for impressive reenactments of your favorite scenes!

■ Model Specifications:
The lens on top of the head is recreated with clear parts.
The sensor on top of the head is recreated with a pre-painted part.
Movable Entry Plug: The Entry Plug can be pulled out in conjunction with the movable rear block.
Expansion of the shoulder knife storage: can be recreated with additional included parts.
Interlocking neck joints: The throat joint is interlocked enabling the model to look up.
Interlocking back armor: The back armor is interlocked with the shoulders to move if the shoulders are adjusted forward.
The figure comes with an attachable umbilical cable.

■ Included Hand Parts:
Right hand specifically for wielding the N2 depth charge made of casted PS is included.
Closed fists (left and right), open hands (left and right), holding a gun or knife (right), open with fingers spread (left and right), and
grabbing hands (left and right).
With the wide variety of hand parts made with PVC cast for easier assembly and better maintenance, users can still recreate many
scenes from the series.

■ Pre-Painted Parts:
Some of the parts are pre-painted, allowing you to recreate the EVA-00 PROTOTYPE from the TV series with ease.

Included Items:
N2 Depth Charge
Entry Plug
Umbilical Cable
Progressive Knife
Spear of Longinus
Parts to store the knives in the shoulders.
Parts that allow you to attach the model to the “M.S.G Flying Base R” (base sold separately)
Decals (includes decals for the markings on the arms and shoulders)
You can set up the model in a variety of action poses using the “M.S.G Flying Base R” (sold separately).
(The base can be attached in the 3mm hole on the rear of the model or the connection hole for the umbilical cable).
(This item is a reproduction.)
PS・PE・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)・POM
190mm 7.48in