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Lucifer Wings of Dawn (Big Angel Ver.) 1/6 Scale Figure


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Original Exquisite Michael Female Head X1
True Feather Big Wings (Movable, Inside Bone Material) x1
Seamless Female Body Big Breast x1

Helmet x1
Collar Armor x1
Breastplate x1
Chest Armor x1
Tergire x1
Back Wing Replacement Accessories x1
Halo Effect Accessories x1
Three-layer Movable Shoulder Armor x1
Skirt Armor x1
Upper Arm Armorx2
Elbow Armorx2
Lower Arm Armorx2
Thigh Armor x2
Knee Armor x2
Knee Side Armor X2
Battle Boots X2
Armor Hands X6 (3 Pairs)
Leather Wristband x1
White Lace Corsage x1
White T-back x1
Student Short Skirt (Built-in Iron Wire) x1
Big Angel Printed Gold Ribbon x1
Big Angel Printed Gold Hood x1


Shining Blade (Stainless Steel Polishing) x1
Big Angel Huge Shield x1
Big Angel Long Gun x1
Ruins Battlefield x1
Faucet Bone x1
Effect Arrow X2
Snake Bone Bracket x1