Marvel Universe Cable Fine Art Statute Signature Series


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Kotobukiya proudly presents the Fine Art Statue Signature Series curated exclusively by the Kucharek Brothers! As the inaugural entry in the Signature Series the brothers have returned to a character they first sculpted back in 2007: Cable! The time traveling mutant is masterfully sculpted in 1/6 scale, standing an impressive 14" tall on the remains of Nimrod. From the intricate details found in Cable's techo organic arm to his formidable arsenal of advance weaponry, this is the ultimate representation of the one time X Force team leader and mutant freedom fighter. The Fine Art Signature Series featuring the Kucharek Brothers are limited edition, one time production statues, each with a unique serial number on the base. Made of high quality resin and meticulously hand painted, these top shelf releases are sure to take the spotlight in any collection, big or small.