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Medarot FSL01-F Fancyaile


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Expected Release Date: Q4 2023 (subject to change without notice)

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The sculpting for this model was designed based on the actual game data for Medarot S.

The Bug head part is equipped not only with rotatable propellers, but also articulated engines and twintails that allow for even more expression when posing.

The right-hand Break Hammer can be held using the newly sculpted hands, and with the inclusion of both left and right hands, the Break Hammer can be held with her left hand as well for an original style.

The canopy on the left arm for her Napalm attack can be opened just like in the game. The head parts for when the familiar is on board and also when firing attacks are recreated and included with the kit along with its main body.

Each piece of the skirt for the leg part Charm is articulated, allowing it to be freely displayed for a variety of action poses.

As the first flying Medarot in the series, she comes with a Hornet Medal base that she can be displayed with. The kit also includes a mini base to support her Break Hammer.

Her eyes and the canopy on her left arm are made of clear parts. The parts are made of multi-colored plastic, allowing for easy assembly with no painting required!