MODEROID Black Sarena

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From "Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness" comes a MODEROID plastic model of the jet-black spacecraft: the Black Sarena!

· Black Sarena: Approximately 160mm in height to the top of the head (approximately 190mm in height in total).

Akito's Aestivalis: 120mm to the top of the head.

· The Aestivalis can be completely stored within the Black Sarena without the use of additional parts.

· The model features several points of articulation, and the rocket nozzles on its shoulders and hips can be displayed deployed. Its tail also features several points of articulation.

· Two handcannons are included as equipment parts. Its Distortion Punch attack can also be created with the use of interchangeable parts.

· Its handcannons can be stored within the binders on its shoulders, allowing you to create its appearance from the final battle scene in plastic model form.

· A dummy frame for the Black Sarena with the same range of motion as the Aestavalis is included, allowing both the Black Sarena and Aestavalis to be displayed simultaneously.

· The forearms of the dummy frame are gray, and can be swapped out with the forearms of the main Aestavalis body.

· The Aestavalis also comes with black wing parts, allowing you to create the Black Sarena's appearance from before the final part of the film.

· The various parts of the model have been separated into different colored runners and pre-painted parts, making it easy to recreate the character with a simple assembly.