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Naruto – 1/6 Naruto Uzumaki


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Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, fabric and magnet


  • Approximately 9.8” (25cm) tall
  • Fully-articulated collectible figure
  • 3 interchangeable expression face plates (one serious face, one smiling face, and one surprised face)
  • 29 points of articulation


  • Orange training suit
  • One pair of Ninja shoes with magnets for diverse posing


  • One necklace
  • One frog wallet
  • One beige waist bag
  • Two Kunai knives
  • One knife bag
  • Four Shuriken
  • Five pairs of interchangeable hands: One pair of relaxed hands, one pair of Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu hands, one pair of Rasengan hands, one pair of fists, and one pair of Kunai-throwing hands
  • One Rasengan effect part