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SENTINEL 35Mechatro Eva Unit 01 WeGo


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"35MechatroWeGo Eva Unit 01", prepare to launch!
That sharp cool Unit 01 turns into round cute Wego! From head to toe, with the use of new exterior parts, MechatroWeGo appears in a silhouette unique to "Evagelian Unit 01"!
Eye parts are specially designed and engraved into grinding bowl shape. Even when you look at it from different angles, it seems like it is staring at you.
The butt can be installed with the umbilical cable which shows up in the "Evagelian" main story, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of this anime with MechatroWeGo! The cable is made of soft material. The tip can be attached to the display case stand. The famous "battle rage" mode of Evagelian Unit 01 can be reproduced using the familiar head open gimmick found on MechatroWeGo. Besides, you can exchange these new exterior parts with those on 35MechatroWego released in the past!
Despite the small scale, the MechatroWeGo is articulated and includes die-cast parts.
Also, with detachable exterior parts, you can exchange the parts between the different color WeGo to make a color variation of your own!
The clear color display case makes it easier to collect and even possible to be stacked up for various display patterns! Display the MechatroWeGo in your favorite pose!
ABS, Diecast, PA 75 mm
Set content:
Main figure, umbilical cable, clear-type display case stand.