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SENTINEL 35Mechatro Mazinger WeGo


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Expected Release Date: 4th Quarter 2019 (subject to change without notice)

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"Mazinger Z and MechatroWeGo - Pilder on!
Mazinger Z combines with MechatroWego by new modeling parts!
Hover Pilder is included, you can reproduce both pilder on and pilder off mode.
By exchanging the optional backpack part, you can also play with Jet Scrander equipped mode.
Metallic paint further enhances the unique texture of diecast toy. Please enjoy the collaboration of Mazinger Z and MechatroWeGo.
Despite the small scale, MechatroWeGo is articulated and includes die-cast parts.
Also, with detachable exterior parts, you can exchange the parts between the different color WeGo to make a color variation of your own!
The clear color display case makes it easier to collect and even possible to be stacked up for various display patterns! Display the MechatroWeGo in your favorite pose!
Hover Pilder, Stabilizer (Pilder on special part), Backpack, Jet Scrander Wings, Clear-type display case stand"
Appx 7.7cm height
ABS, Diecast, PA