SENTINEL RIOBOT Genesis Climber Mospeada 1/48 AFC-01H Legioss ETA


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The AFC-01 Legioss seen in the anime series Mospeada is back as a 1/48 scale perfect transformation toy!
As this is prefext transformation it will transform into all 3 modes (Armo-Fighter, Armo-Soldier, Armo-Diver) with no exchanging of parts.
The transforming mechanisim has been reevaluated and revised with the cockpit inserted into the chest area directly under the head unit .
In Armo-Fighter mode the legs will fold in to recreate the tight look of the Legioss seen in the anime series.
As a extra a minisize articulated Ride Armor figure will be included that not only can be placed inside the cockpit but can we used with the mini 1/48 VR-052F included in the box to recreat sceens from the anime series.
Main Toy ,Beam Canon,Mount Parts, Missile Pod, 1/48 Ride Armor(Articulated),'1/48 VR-052F, Base
Robot / Figurine Size :~210mm height
Material :ABS/ATBC-PVC/PA/POM/Diecast