TBLeague Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers 1/6 Scale Action Figure


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Discovered in the Mongolian desert in the 3rd century BC by the father of Taoism, Lao Tzu, Z-Girl is a highly functioning zombie with both a consciousness and a conscience.

A fierce warrior, for several centuries she has led the four Tigers, human hosts of ancient Chinese warrior spirits, into battle against monsters and demons that threaten to wipe out humanity. While Tigers have died over the centuries and their spirits gone to inhabit new hosts, Z-Girl has survived and endured. The tattoos on her shoulders are shared with her teammates, allowing them to find each other through Tao and reunite after they have been separated.

Regenerative mists and herbs found at the peak of China’s Mount Huashan enable Z-Girl to keep her innate zombie hunger for flesh at bay, but the effect is only temporary. Though she has willingly put herself in harm’s way many times in order to protect humanity, she knows that deep down, she is still a zombie and until the end of her days must always be on guard against her urges.


Z-Girl is humanity’s last hope against extinction.

-Neck guard
-Halter top
-Knee pads

-2 x interchangeable heads
-4 x posing hands, two normal hands
-2 x forearm guards
-Shotgun shell bandolier
-Gunbelt with pouches
-Gunbelt with shotgun shells
-2 x machetes
-Crossed sheaths for machetes
-2 x Glock 19 handguns
-Two holsters for the handguns
-M4 assault rifle with undermount shotgun
-Combat dagger
-Strap and holster for combat dagger