ThreeA 3A Portable Shogun TK Tsuki 1/12 Scale Collectible Figure


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1/12 th Scale Collectible Figure

Designed by Ashley Wood


  • Approx 6” tall
  • 25 points of Articulation
  • Boxed Packaging
  • Tailored Fabric Clothing
  • Includes
  • Shogun TK Head x1
  • Shogun Helmet x1
  • Shogun Breastplate with Pauldron x1
  • Swords x 1
  • Belt with Pouches 
  • (Big Pouches x2, Single Small Pouch x3, Square Pouch x1, Triple Pouch x2)
  • Leg Pouch x1
  • Shogun Sword with Sheath and Power Source x1
  • Pairs of Interchangeable Hands x2 (Sword Holding L&R, Relaxed Hand L&R)