Threezero Dorohedoro Caiman (Anime Version) 1/6


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From the anime "Dorohedoro", 1/6 scale Caiman (Anime Version) articulated figure

This version of the Caiman collectible dons the anime color motif and stands at approximately 36cm tall. It features two interchangeable heads (a masked head* and a lizard head). There are two interchangeable expression parts for the lizard head (standard eyes and angry eyes). The figure's equipment accessories are two knives with fabric sheathes, and a rib-shaped body armor. The fabric costume includes a hooded wind breaker, a pair of pants, a belt for waist, and a belt for thigh. Other accessories includes a pair of boots and three pairs of interchangeable hands (one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of fists, and one pair for gripping knife).
* The gas mask is made in an arranged version design by the manga author Q Hayashida.

Product Specifications:
-    Materials used: ABS, PVC, POM (costume uses fabric)
-    1/6th scale articulated figure, approximately 36cm tall

-    Accessories:
-    Interchangeable heads x 2 (a masked head* and a lizard head)
-    Interchangeable expression parts for the lizard head x 2 (standard eyes and angry eyes)
-    Knife with fabric sheath x 2
-    Rib-shaped body armor
-    Hooded wind breaker
-    Pants
-    Belt for waist
-    Belt for thigh
-    Boots
-    Interchangeable hands x 3 pairs (1 pair of relaxed hands, 1 pair of fists, and 1 pair for gripping knife)