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1000Toys TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human CRC (Close Range Combat) Unit 1/6 Scale


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NYCC Exclusive
Accessory: Main Body / 1 pair Open Hands / 1 pair Weapon Holding Hands

Specifically designed for close range combat in urban areas. The CRC body was developed as a direct reply to the CaRBs after their assault on TOA Heavy Industries HQ. It served as the test body for a new exoskeleton device as well as investigating the effects of extended periods of close range combat. TOA Heavy Industries succeeded in developing and rapidly deploying the head unit and hyper-solid body frame used in the Anti-CaRB units directly based on the info gathered by these tests. Several versions of this type which were recognized as adaptable were later incorporated into the Anit-CaRB squads formed to hunt down the rogue CaRBs.