Victory Leo "Transformers" Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri (Reissue)

Flame Toys

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After falling victim to Deathsaurus's Living-Metal-Destroying Cannon, Ginrai was left in an immobile state. Desiring to be of use, he insisted on undergoing an experiential procedure that would enable Ginrai to become a power-up to Star Saber. He underwent the process and became "Victory Leo" finally!

  • After combining with "Star Saber", "Victory Saber" will be the final combined form! 
  • It is enormous with a height of approximately 16cm and a body length of about 23cm.
  • This incredibly movable figure has over 120 points of articulation, making it capable of various action poses!
  • Materials include diecast for solidity and heaviness!
  • LED light units are installed in the eyes and the mouth!