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Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Scarecrow 1/24 Scale Model Kit


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Product Description

Hexa Gear is a lineup of items from Kotobukiya featuring transformable battle mecha! They utilize the Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system, with a 3mm support pipe hole--so weapons from Frame Arms and Heavy Weapons units can be used with Hexa Gear mechs! The Hexa Gear can also be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors," sold separately.

The Scarecrow was a second-generation Hexa Gear with a simplified structure, used as a semi-autonomous mobile weapon. Its fighting ability is somewhat low, especially compared to the third-generation Hexa Gear, so it was frequently used for engineering work in support of more battle-ready Hexa Gear.  It was armed with a ground chainsaw and machine gun, both of which could be mounted to the Scarecrow itself or used by its Governor, and it was equipped with cylindrical hexagram storage units on both sides of its fuselage.

Product Features

  • 4.90 inches (12.50cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Second-generation Hexa Gear with a simplified structure
  • Utilizes the Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system
  • Can be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors" (sold separately)


Box Contents

  • Pieces to build Scarecrow
  • Grip A for ground chainsaw
  • Grip B for ground chainsaw
  • Machine gun
  • Small grip for machine gun
  • Control device