Square-Enix Bring Arts NieR Automata Trading Weapon Collection (Set of 10)


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Expected Release Date: 3rd Quarter 2019 (subject to change without notice)

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Ten of the memorable weapons from NieR:Automata are now available in the BRING ARTS line as the Trading Weapon Collection!

These weapons can be used by your BRING ARTS figures and allow for the recreation of various scenes within the game by combining them with 2B, or with the upcoming releases of 9S and A2. Not only are these weapons usable by the figures, but they also come with original stands to allow for a unique display.
Each weapon is weathered to match their in-game texture such as rusting and weathering, to recreate its appearance. Also included with each weapon is a booklet that includes their story, this will add even more to your enjoyment of the world of NieR:Automata.

Item Size:            
Machine Axe:                       W 2.17” x D 0.76” x H 6.42”
Type-4O Blade:                    W 0.81” x D 0.29” x H 6.73”
Beastlord:                             W 1.38” x D 0.61” x H 6.69”
Type-3 Lance:                       W 0.94” x D 0.49” x H 7”
Machine Spear:                    W 0.46” x D 0.39” x H 6.85”
YoRHa-issue Blade:             W 0.39” x D 0.11” x H 4.45”
Faith:                                      W 0.36” x D 0.36” x H 4.33”
Iron Pipe:                               W 0.28” x D 0.19” x H 4.49”
Ancient Overlord:                 W 1.04” x D 0.33” x H 3.15”
Phoenix Dagger:                   W 0.98” x D 0.26” x H 2.83”