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Square-Enix Bring Arts Xenogears Elehayym Elly Van Houten


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Arriving to Bring Arts is Elly, the heroine of the masterpiece “Xenogears,” which continues to be loved by fans even 20 years after its release!

The soft materials in her skirt allow for smooth movement. Her hair also incorporates moveable parts, reflecting the detailed designs that showcase Elly’s feminine grace even within the figure’s small stature.

The intricate coloring helps add detailed contrast throughout the figure, and incorporating glossy and matte textures helps breathe life into her form. A variety of parts, such as her gun, her hands, and her facial expressions, are included, making it possible to recreate different scenes from the game.

Figure includes display stand.

Figure Size: W 2.08” x D 1.53” x H 5.63”