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HEXA GEAR Governor Engineer Set Type A


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Expected Release Date: Q1 2023 (subject to change without notice)

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The long-awaited model kit of combat service support units has been released from the Governor series!

The concept is a set of 1/24 scale mechanics with detailed articulation. The design is based on the idea of support mechanics assembling HEXA GEAR machines. The models can be displayed with the various tools included in the kit to create realistic building scenes. The 1/24 scale is widely used in plastic car models, so the model can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The engineers come in a set of two with different heads. There are two types: bare face and with goggles. Eye decals are included so there is no need to paint miniature eyes on the face. The engineer’s waist bag is removable.

The droid has articulated joints to create scenes with it supporting the engineers, and can also be combined with other HEXA GEAR models.
Two types of tool boxes are included, one for carrying and one open.

Model Specifications:
■The engineers come in a set of two. The heads come in two types: bare face and with goggles. The neck is movable back and forth to create a variety of expressions.
■Included tools are Hexagram remover, impact driver, welding burner, crowbar, tool box (for carrying), tool box (open), and waist bag.
■The engineer’s wrists are made from molded PVC and support the connection joint system.
■Waist bags are included for attaching to the engineer’s waist.
■The hands are newly sculpted with connection joints. Four types are included: holding, open, pointing, and thumbs up.
■The boots parts are reused from EARLY GOVERNOR Vol. 1.
■In addition to movable arms and legs, users can change the droid’s line of sight by moving its central eye sensor.
■The color scheme for the engineers is light gray, flesh, dark gray and brown. The droid is orange (same color as the fork lift orange version), clear green, and dark gray, and the tool box is orange.

Included Items:
■Engineer Model x2 Sets (Bare Face/with Goggles)
■4 Types of Hand Parts for Left and Right x2 Sets
■Waist Bag x2
■Droid x1 Set
■Hexagram Remover x1
■Impact Driver x1
■Welding Burner x1
■Crowbar x1
■Tool Box (for Carrying) x1
■Tool Box (Open) x1
■Eye Decals x1